Thursday, October 20, 2016

LED lights that won't stick to anything!

We have been trying to install a set of LED lights outside for a week.  We have tried just about everything.
 These outdoor lights are encased in silicone.  It is this silicone that we cannot find anything that will stick to it.  The strip came with a double sided tape on it.  Well you you took the backing off to attach it to the motorhome, the tape came off the silicone.  We have tried gorilla tape, goop, instant mounting glue and a few more.  Nothing will stick.
This is what we ordered. 12-Volt 16.4-ft RGB Color-Changing Kit with Controller and IR Remote, Power Supply, and LED Strip with Water-Resistant Silicone-Gel Coating  The lights are great. I love them... I just wish the tape strip that was on them had worked.  Of course I have to admit that it it is partially our fault. I bought these lights a couple of years ago.  They were in the motorhome when it was in storage.  The heat and cold could have affected the tape.

on th
Here Doug is adding the power supply and IR controller to the patio light switch.  At least this worked.
I ordered some mounting clips
Mounting Clip with Releasable Cover for LED Strips up to 12mm Wide (25-Pack)
Hopefully these will stick and hold our lights.  These should be here in two days.  Cross your fingers they get here quick and work!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Let's talk remodel

I mentioned that I wanted to a little more remodeling on the RV.  Our rig is a 1999 and the fabric on the valances needs replacing badly.
 Once I got them down and removed some of the extra "pieces", I could see just how bad the fabric really was.  Look at the difference in the coloring.  The lighter shade was hidden under those "pieces" I was talking about.
 After removing the fabric, there were a hundred tiny nails that had to be removed.  I got Doug to come out and help with those.
They were out in no time.  I then sanded the wood some to help smooth it out and to help remove some of the remaining adhesive they had used to help attach padding and fabric.
 At first I considered not covering the top piece of wood.  I painted it and took a look.  I liked the fact that it could be used as a shelf and easily cleaned.

Yep I thought about it, but in the end I decided to cover it in the fabric.
What do you think?  Was it a good choice?
We had to stop working on this so that we could grill supper.
It was real good too!  grilled salmon, red snapper (not on this plate) asparagus, grilled pineapple and fresh baked bread grilled with garlic.  Yum
I will post the valances hung back up tomorrow.

                                                            ok Here they are up.

                              Just look how many nails they put in these valances.  Good grief!
On to another project

Friday, October 7, 2016

It's time to remodel some more

I have been looking at fabric to do some more remodeling in our motor home.  The valances need to be changed.
 I was thinking of using the brown on the side panels.  These are the only two I liked but I don't think they are what I really want.  I really want something alittle lighter and brighter. Some more color.

what do you think?  If I was really brave I would go for something like this.
I love all of the bright colors in this fabric.  I might get tired of them but for awhile I would love it.

Our house finally closed on Sept. 30th.  For us the 4th time was the charm.  I think in total our house was only on the market 5 days.  It sold the first day on the market.  We waited he 30 days to close and the buyers, which were young, made the mistake of quitting his job to go to work for his dad.  Oops, no house for you.  Back on the market for another day and it sold again.  Another 30 days and they changed their mind.  Back on the market 2 days this time.  Another 30 days waiting and on wednesday before closing friday, they found a judgement against the buyer.  Keep in mind all of these people were PREAPPROVED!  Back on the market for 1 day and it sold again.  This time it closed.  Yea....
We are officially full timers in our motorhome.
And that my friends is another reason to spruce up the motorhome.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dougs surgery is over, it's time to get strong again

It's been a busy month.  Doug had his heart surgery on the 12th.   He had the Wolf Mini Maze procedure.  Here is a link to a video of the actual procedure.  It really is a cool procedure.  Doug came out looking like he had been in a knife fight and lost.  LOL
This is left side.  I don't know what the two small holes on the top were but the longest cut was where he did some of the work.  The smaller one was more laparoscopic tools I guess.  The bottom round one was a drain tube.  He had a wire under the skin to his heart for an external pacemaker that was removed around day 4.

This is the right side.  This is where most of the work was done.  Doug's heart and lung was adhered together.  The doctor had to separate them before he could start his surgery.  He still has sutures on the drain tube holes.  All other incisions were glued back together.
He was in ICU four days.  They let me stay with him.  He had so many tubes coming out of him it took 30 min. for them to gather everything, just for him to get into a chair next to the bed.  Don't you love the yellow socks and the compression wraps on his legs?  LOL  At one time he had 9 Iv bags running at the same time.  He had a port, two iv's in his arms and a arterial iv that also took his blood pressure.
He is doing well but still weak. His heart rate is running in the 90's now.  This is still high but much lower than what it was before surgery.  The doctor said it could take up to 3 months for his heart to settle in to its new rhythm.
I forgot to show you the hospital room he was in before surgery and after he got out of ICU.

The nurses told us that Dr. Wolf puts all of his patients in these rooms because they come from all over the country.  They come with family and he wants them to have room to stay in the room also.  This was a very nice room.  We could live here!
Doug has an internal piece of hardware that I don't know what it's called but it monitors his heart and when and if it goes into afib it records it and when he goes to bed at night it sends that information to Dr. Wolf.  Cool huh.  He sees Dr. Wolf tomorrow for his two week check up.  I guess we will find out then what it sent.  Is that cool or what!  I wonder if I can use his built in wifi?  LOL
We have been staying at son, Michaels house since getting out of the hospital.  Most of the time they have been gone on business trips.  We have been house and dog sitting.  They will be back tomorrow so we will head back to the motorhome.  Everyone thought it would be easier if he didn't have to climb the steps into the motorhome.  It was a good idea.  It took more out of him than he and I both thought.
 I got him to walk on the treadmill in the clubhouse today.  He didn't last very long.  Maybe 5 min. but that was 5 min.  He will do better tomorrow.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mowing the property and a Labor Day Celebration

It's been a busy few days around here.  Thursday we went out to the property to mow.  It was a beautiful day.  There was a breeze blowing and in the shade, it was very comfortable.
 I love the shape of this old dead tree.  I am enjoying in now because I believe it is destined to be removed.
 You can see Doug mowing in this one.  It didn't take long for the grass to get out of control.
                                            I like the shape of this one too, but it's a goner.
                                                               It's looking better out here.
 It was so quiet out here until Doug ran over a paint can that was left in the tall grass.  It made the loudest boom!  It scared me half to death.  I can't imagine what it did to Doug since he was on top of it.  It looks like someone was murdered out there.  LOL

                                                                     Yep, there it is again.
 I don't know what kind of wild flowers these are, but there are a lot of them growing at the bases of the trees.
 After about 3 hours of mowing, we left to head home.  We are still learning our way around and we decided to go home a different route.  Coming down we had taken Hwy 6.  It is a very easy way but it takes you through a lot of small towns that have a kazillion red lights.  Doug and Mike had taken
different route using one of the tollways.  We thought we could figure it out without using the GPS.
So we got on Hwy 288 and headed back towards Houston.  We were suppose to get on Beltway 8.  Instead we wound up on I610.
 yes, the dreaded 610 and it's now 4:00.  Did I say it was also a Friday.  Blow this picture up and look
at all the cars.  Doug said we took the scenic route because we were going so slow, even he could look around.
The traffic was so bad that I cut it all off in this picture so that you can just enjoy the beautiful sky.
We didn't get home that night until 6:00.  Big mistake we made.. yep BIG mistake.  No more 610!

Today, Saturday, the RV park we are staying at had a cookout for everyone to celebrate Labor Day.
Can you tell this is a Mother/Daugher?  On the right is Kristi.  She and her husband, Dave were our hosts.

                                       Dave, her husband is on the left.  We call him the Sheriff.
 The two ladies on the right are also employees of the Resort.  It looks like they are plotting something.

 It seems that some of frogs had gotten into the pool and the girls had to go get them out.
                                              That was their story and they are sticking to it!  
                                             Someone can sure throw that horse shoe!
                                   Looks like he gave up and went back to eat some more.

I think everyone had a good time.  There was talk about a chili cook-off in October.  I think I can win that.  

                                                             Happy Labor Day folks!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back home, in Texas

We had a busy week in Arkansas.  We saw almost everyone that we were hoping to see.  Spent some great time with my sisters and our friends.
Ramona, we've been friends since 1972, showed me her new house.  They haven't moved in yet.  They are remodeling and painting.  It looks so good, I can't wait to see the finished product.
We did have one disagreement about a chandelier.  She hates it and I think it would be wonderful in a game room or in Scott's office.  That is where it's hanging now.  He wants to keep it there, she wants it gone.  Who will win?  I betting on Ramona.
 Well, it's not so bad is it?  I texted Michael and asked him if he would want it for his game room.  He loved it.  Kaitlyn sent back, "I know our family is a circus at times, but I don't want my home to look like one!"  It's not looking good for the monkeys.
I know this is a bad picture, but you can see its size better in this one.  I think it's perfect for an office or game room.  I think that I am the only one though.
The week went by way to fast.  We left this morning around 8:30.  Thank goodness we hadn't gotten very far before I realized that I had left my phone.  We left again around 9:30.
We traveled thru more rain going back to Texas.  I don't know what it is with us and rain.  We seem to take it with us wherever we go.
 Between all the rain, we had some beautiful skies.  I love looking at the clouds.
 It feels good to be home.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A transplant for the transplant

Today we went to see Doug's cornea specialist.  Doug as had a lot of problems lately with this cornea.  In fact, he has had a lot of problems with his eye, period.  He has had several ulcers that left caverns, as the doctor likes to refer to them, in his cornea.  Today he informed us that this cornea has reached the end of it's usefulness.  It's time for another transplant.  Transplants last on average, 10 years.  This one is 11 years old.  Dr. Berry recommends that Doug use a doctor in the Houston area, since we have moved there.  He said he would do some research and recommend one for us. (yea)  Since Doug is scheduled for some heart surgery on the 12th of Sept., he told us to wait until after that to see the new specialist.  In fact, his words were, "just wait, and if you are still alive on the 13th, then let's schedule the appointment with a new doctor".  He does have a dry sense of humor.  We like him and hate to start over with a new doctor but as he said, you can't be that far away from your doctor with something like this.  He also told us it wouldn't be fair for him to do the surgery and then send us to a new doctor for him to take care of his handy work.   He said a few things about how wonderful he was and all but it was time to find a new "wonderful doctor".   Like I said, we like Dr. Berry.
We got back in town in time to have dinner with Jim and Libbie.  Today is Libbie's 62nd birthday!
It was good to share their company this evening.  I don't have any pictures.  Unfortunately, I left my camera back home.  I brought my camera bag, it just didn't have my camera in it. bummer!
Happy Birthday LIBBIE!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Driving in the rain

We left at 9:00 this morning after a very heavy rain shower.  We were hoping that was all the rain but we weren't so lucky.  It rained on us through most of Texas.  At times it was so heavy you couldn't see the road.  There were several cars in median that had hydroplaned.  We had one right in front of us.  She was getting out of the car when we went past.  There was already someone stopped to help.  It was a mess.  We slipped a couple of times but thank goodness, we stayed in control and on the road.
We arrived around 6:00.  Happily there was no rain here.  Two of my sisters, Phyllis and Debbie, greeted us and fed us fried chicken!
After visiting for a while, it didn't take long for us to crash.

Yep, we are tired.  I think we will make a short night of it tonight.

On the road again, but not in the motorhome this time

I have been a little lazy about writing in my blog.  We haven't been traveling or having any new adventures.  Just living life right now.
In the morning we will head back to Arkansas so that Doug can see his eye doctor.  Hopefully he can recommend one in the Houston area.  I know there are a bazillion great doctors in this area but I would like to have a referral, a recommendation or something.  I hate to just close my eyes and wherever my finger lands, that's the one.  LOL Without a recommendation, that would be what we would be doing.  We want one that does cornea transplants so that he can take care of that but we also need one that knows how to fit and care for his new Jupiter lenses he has.  He has been having trouble with his cornea and his new Jupiter lens.  We need another Dr. Berry here in Katy!
While back home (it will always be home even if we aren't living there anymore) we hope to see all of our family and friends.
It's hard to move so far away from the place you have spent your entire life.  Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing.  I am glad that we have moved.  I just miss my family and friends.  It will be good to see them.  We will be in Arkansas about a week.  We have a lot of people to see in that time.  Doug's eye appointment is first on Monday.  We aren't taking the motorhome but will stay with my sisters.  Looking forward to seeing them all on Tuesday.  When the four Johnson girls are all together under one roof, it can get loud with lots of laughter and everyone talking at once.  I can't wait!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Just a few pictures of our day

Not much going on around here so I thought I would just post a few pictures.
                     Can you find two frogs in this picture?  I think this bird is called  a killdeer.

                                           This pond has the biggest bullfrogs I have ever seen!
                                                  This place is just teaming with wildlife.

                                             I took a few pictures of the sky this evening.

                                           Here is a shot of the moon.  It's just a little sliver.
Can you see the star?
Almost forgot to show you this one.  See the snake?  It looks so small in this picture.

If you can blow this picture up somewhat you can see the curve of the snake under the water.  This snake is much bigger than I thought.
To get your mind off the snake, here are a few pictures.    Lucas wanted to ride Buster.  Lucky for Buster, he couldn't stay on.  No 8 seconds here.
This was taken as we were leaving the doctors office in downtown Houston.  We are getting on I 610.  Oops, didn't mean to get scary again.