Tuesday, August 14, 2018

We haven't been "on the Road" but we have been busy

I was reading all the blogs that I follow and decided I would do a little catch up.  It seems that is all I do on here.
Even though we haven't been traveling, we have been busy.  Our motor home is still in the shop.  It's been 7 months!  Harvey really did a job on her.  Everything is just about fixed except for one part.  Ron Hoover RV in Houston, took the rv to the Freightliner shop for some of the repairs that they couldn't do.  Freightliner is now telling us that one of the parts, the ICU cluster is discontinued and they can't get the part.  Our speedometer and gauge lights flash on and off.  Because of this we can't pass inspection to get our tags renewed.  Now what do we do?  We have searched the internet and so far have had no luck.  Our insurance (Good Sams by the way) is not being helpful at all.  They basically have said, sorry, tough luck.  Just about everything electrical was knocked out. TV's, radio, refrigerator, transmission gear buttons ? (those buttons on side that change gears) and some of the plug ins.  All of this has been fixed.  Now what do we do?  Any help is appreciated.

Now I will show you what I have been doing.

This is my first watercolor.  Since we moved south of Houston, we are not far from the gulf.  I wanted some beachy pictures for my new house.
            This is acrylic.  I used to paint with oils.  It's different and will take time to adjust
                  Here is my second watercolor.  I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
This mixed media is a painting my sister saw in Italy this year.  She wanted me to paint if for her. It's different from anything I have ever done but I think I love it!
Painting is very helpful for releaving stress.  I probably should paint some more.  LOL

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