Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wall, SD

It was nice and cool when we left Mitchell, SD this morning.  I love the low humidity here.  Our first stop was the 1880 Town.

Also there was a Railroad Dining car that was serving lunch.  So of course, we had to try it.
The railroad cars were attached to this building that looked like a railway station.
This is a close up of the swing on the porch.  Notice that it is made out of old buggy and wagon material.  Great job of repurposing things.
The large red building had a lot of items and memorabilia from the movie, Dancing with Wolves.
Actual tent from the movie with props around it.  Impressed yet.  LOL
This poor horse was in the movie also.  I hope that it died naturally and was stuffed because he was so famous and not because they needed a stuffed horse.
This was my favorite item they had displayed.  What a collection of famous people.  From Wyatt Earp, T. Roosevelt to Doc Holiday and Judge Bean.  Cool
When you went outside you then could walk the 1880 town.
All of this started when a movie set was needed back in the 1970's.    The movie company built a main street using some old buildings and they borrowed some Indian relics and antiques from  Clarence Hullinger, Richards father.  When winter set in they abandoned it and gave it to Richard Hullinger.  He moved the movie set to his 94 acres he had.  This was the start of the 1880's Town.   The Hullinger's  spent years traveling South Dakota looking for old buildings that they could save and bring back to their 1880's town.  There is something interesting to see in all of them.  Well worth the time and $12 ticket for adult.

I could go on and on posting pictures but this post is getting too long so I will stop with this one. We did finally make it to our site for the night at Sleepy Hollow Campground in Wall, SD.  This campground is across the street from the famous (yes it is in this area and to anyone coming to the area, you can't miss all the billboards)
 After getting settled in, Jim cooked us some breakfast for supper.
 We had Bacon, Eggs, Sausage and biscuits with sausage gravy.  Yum

                                                             And Doug helped!