Friday, September 26, 2014

Snake River Rafting

Today Libbie and I decided to take the float trip on the Snake River.
We arrived a little early, so we stopped at one of the little shops and had a sandwich for lunch.  This was our view.

Our guide for the day was very good and pointed out several points of interest to us. He is playing king of the raft here.
Our group before we left.  Just in case some of us didn't make it back, we could identify the missing.

Snake river was really beautiful.  He said the water was low.  They stop rafting on Monday.
Our first sighting was an eagle.  She/he was eating a fish.
 The beaver had been busy.  I learned that they like a substance just under the bark (kind of like a vein).  It supplies the nutrition they need.  So they only chew on live trees.
                                             Just more beauty along the river
 A young adult eagle.  Waiting on food from mama.
                                                    She flies by on the way to the nest.
                                                             Oh boy lunch time.
                                           Second young adult comes flying in to the nest.   It didn't take long for word to get out that food was on the table.
You have to look real close and use your imagination but that brown in that tree is a nest.
We came across a baby moose lying in the shade.  Mom was lying close by in the brush.  Couldn't get a shot of her.
                              Another adult eagle drying its wings high up in a tree.
                                                           Last eagle seen for the day.

When we got off the raft, the rangers had blocked off part of the parking area because of a bear.  Earlier before we left it was a mother and two cubs playing in a tree.  Don't know if this was one of those or not.  All I could get from where they had us walk, was a but shot.  Look close at middle of pic.  There is a small limb in front of it.
We finished off the day at Jenny Lake.  On the road we saw a female moose with her baby and a Bull nearby.  I was hoping to see one close up and these were right at the road.  Unfortunately it was dusk and the pictures just didn't turn out. Bummer!  Tomorrow we head south, towards Salt Lake City.