Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grand Tetons or bust!

It was another long day driving.  I don't like this up and on the road by 8:00 stuff.  We are retired!  We are suppose to sleep late and drive 3 hours or 175 miles, (whichever we want).  We  did see some pretty countryside.
We also saw a lot of antelope today.  I just can't get a good shot of them while going down the road at 60-65 mph.  I finally gave up.  We took the southern route to the Tetons first instead of going to the Cody, WY entrance.  It seems that going that way involves crossing Big Horn mountain and after zooming down and taking a look at the narrow roads with tremendous drop-offs on each side, we elected to take a more southern route and explore the Tetons first and then Yellowstone.
We are staying in Moran, Wy. at the Grand Teton RV Resort.  We are just 5 miles from the entrance to the Tetons.

Libbie and I did some exploring today.  We went to Pilgrim Creek because the lady at the Ranger station told us there was a bear sighting there and we should go check it out.  We found the beautiful creek but not any bears.

I have a lot of pictures to try and narrow down.  this really was a beautiful drive again today.  But nothing beats my first site of the Grand Tetons.

Oh my goodness!  They truly are grand!   I have a lot more pictures to show you but the internet is so slow here that I will have to wait to add them later.  Here they are....

We are here for 3 nights.  I hope we can cram everything in that we hope to see and do.... we shall see

Will add pics later... this internet is frustrating!