Saturday, September 20, 2014

Are we lost? Finally finding Mt. Rushmore

Today we spent the day driving thru Custer State Park and I don't even know how many other forests and Parks.  The GPS was not our friend today.  Even though we wound up where we wanted to be, it just took us a round about way to get there.

It was a very pretty drive, even if it was a tad long.  I think we drove in circles for a while.  At least it seemed that way.
 We came across Elk Haven, a Horse Campground that also sold BBQ sandwiches.  We stopped and ate and checked our maps again to see if we were at least headed in the right direction.
This little chipmunk was enjoying a snack also.  They are the cutest things.
We finally made it to the first tunnel.  I knew there were three so I was just glad to see the first one.  These things are not real big and they are only one lane.  Honk before you go in!
What is that I see in the distance?  You know after seeing the size of Crazy Horse Monument this didn't seem so big.

It really is pretty here.  Pictures just don't do this area justice.  Yes I have said that before, but it's true.  You just need to come see for yourself.

                                       These tunnels sure are small. This is the second one.
                             You come out of the tunnel make a circle and then go under the bridge.

Third and final tunnel.  If you look real hard you can see Mt. Rushmore.

It is truly amazing what they can do with a chisel and some dynamite.