Thursday, June 12, 2014

Slides on an RV

I noticed some different slides today and thought I would post some pictures.  Most of todays RV's have slides in them.  Big ones, little ones, one slide to 5 or 6.  We have seen a lot of different combinations of slides.  But these two I saw here really caught my eye.
Most of us have seen the full wall slide.  They are becoming very popular.  They give you such an abundant amount of room in the motorhome.  I really like them.  I have only seen them on motorhomes.  Anyone seen one on a long travel trailer or fifth wheel?
This one was right next to us.  This is a fifth wheel.  This small slide is about the size of a refrigerator.  Do you think that is what it is?  There are no vents or the usual around a fridge.  What do you think this slide is?
This was the wildest one of all.  A slide, in a slide!  This is a fifth wheel.  Usually this upper part of a fifth wheel is the bedroom but I have seen living rooms up here.  What could that be?  Could that be the living room and that is an entertainment center with a fireplace insert in the 2nd slide?  It wasn't for sale, so I am hoping we will find out the answers to these questions.  Do you know?