Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A new slide topper

The pictures aren't very good and you can't see how bad it really is, but this mess was our slide topper/window awning.  We had a tear repaired not too very long ago but I guess the fabric was just worn out.  The mechanism was worn out also.  It would catch and stop the slide from going out. This caused a tear in the fabric again.  Between the rotten fabric, the worn out mechanism and Amarillo's wind, the topper was a mess.  We checked around town and found a topper and had it installed yesterday.  Custom RV ordered it for us at a cost of $437.00 and they installed it for another $320.00. The labor was about $100 more than they had said it would be but it was by the hour at $110.00 an hour.

It looks great!  It should for that price.  We now don't have an awning over the window though.  Ours was a one piece does it all.  I think that was part of the problem though.  We will order a window awning and hopefully it won't be as expensive to install.  That will be a project for next month.  We are on a fixed budget you know.  Now Amarillo wind, please be kind.
Baby news...
Two more weeks before baby Logan is due to make his arrival.  I still think he will be born around the 4th of July.  I think Lori is ready now!  Ashlynn was born after a marathon shopping and site seeing spree.  Think we should try something like that to get Logan to make an appearance?  Maybe a ballgame (watching not playing folks) or Nascar will do it.
It's a waiting game and I never have been good at waiting.