Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last trip into downtown to see City Market

This morning Safelight came and fixed the crack in our windshield.  It was a very large one but they managed to get it fixed.  Great job Safelight!  It was afternoon by then and we headed into town one more time.

City Market was the place that the slaves were brought and sold.  Today it's a large market for handmade goods, art, clothing and jewelry.

The hardest part about going downtown is finding a parking place.   After driving around and around we finally found a spot at where else, a church.  This city is nicknamed "the Holy city".

Then of course we walked to the Market.  The main thing that I wanted to look at were the handmade reed baskets.  I was wanting to buy one but the ones that I liked were $195.  Too rich for my blood.  Even the tiny bowls were $40-$60.  I changed my mind, I would just enjoy looking at them and watching them being made.

We walked around looking at some of the shops that are around City Market.  This town is a great place to shop.  Of course this is the area that the cruise ships stop and let everyone off to shop also.
There has been a lot of news about carriage horses running away and wrecking.  There was  one in Savannah, then Charleston and today one in New York.  Thank goodness the ones I saw today were all behaving.  In the background to the right is more of City Market.  This set of buildings is about 7 blocks long.
This town is full of good places to eat. The hard part would be deciding which one to pick.  We ate at the motorhome so we didn't have to make that choice.
                                        Doug did find him a new hat.  Doesn't he look spiffy!

We came across this shoe store.  Libbie loves flip flops.  These were some pretty big ones!
We finally found our way back to our parking spot and headed back toward the campground.  On our way we decided to stop and look at a campground that we have passed everytime we went into town. We had looked at this one when we were looking for a place to stay but they were full. It was a nice place but what impressed us the most was this motorhome that had just arrived.  I have never seen one like this.
It is an Ecoplan.  We looked it up on the internet because none of us had ever heard of one.  They were putting the top on a golf cart that had just come out of one of the compartments!  I wish I could have gotten a picture, but the door doesn't open like every other door.  This door pushes out and slides over kind of like the doors on the compartments.  Notice it looks like a double decker too!  These buses are special ordered and built to your specifications. Strange but neat looking.  So space age... George Jetson  LOL
This older motorhome was there too.  Loved it's name!  Bates Motel!!!
There were a lot of Prevost older and new at this campground.

We leave tomorrow for Savannah.  We had a great time here and could probably spend another week exploring.  She is a beautiful city.