About Us

We are the proud parents of two boys and the grandparent to a wonderful granddaughter.  We love to travel in our Holiday Rambler Endeavor and hope to retire soon to enjoy just that.  In the meantime, we will have to settle for short trips around the beautiful state of Arkansas.  There are plenty of state and corp parks in this state and we have stayed in most of them.  I like to read, make jewelry and  hand knot pearls.  We like to find some of the "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" , when we are traveling.  Doug likes to play on his Ipad and keep up with the Decorah Eagles.
I think he is the official Eagle Watch expert!
If you are ever in the state, there are a few places that are a "have-to see".

Lake Quachita (pronounced  Wash a taw) is a beautiful large man made lake.   There are several parks around this lake and something for everyone to do.

Hot Springs State Park is another must see.  There are hot springs, bath houses, horse racing and lots of lakes to play in.

Bull Shoals State Park  Beautiful lake and the White River to trout fish.
Check out these and some of our Favorite campgrounds.