Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lightening got us, worse than we thought

When we returned to the motorhome, everything looked fine but unfortunately, lightening struck right behind our unit.  We have a large built-in surge protector but apparently it didn't save everything.  We have electricity on side of the bus and not the other.  What I thought would be a simple fix, is still causing us headaches.  The inverter was toast.  We had that replaced.  Still same problems.  They replaced a couple of breakers.  Still same problems.  He found a dead plug behind the refrigerator.  It has been running on LP.  He changed that out.  It's still running on LP and same dead plugs on left side of bus.  One of the GFCI plugs was blown.  That was replaced.  Still same....  We found two more dead plugs up front.  One was the TV and the other was satellite. Both work when plugged in elsewhere thank goodness.  By the time we get this thing fixed, we should have all new electrical.  My washer/dryer works but only the washer.  Dryer isn't drying clothes.  Now what!  We weren't the only ones to have electrical problems.  Several had inverters blown and a/c's messed up.  One brand new Entegra was told by Entegra to head back to plant.  Theirs could only be repaired at manufacturing plant.  A Winnebago Tour had a leak in the roof and insurance paid them $37,000 to replace entire ceiling inside.  I guess things could be worse for us.  We have lights, AC and the fridge is working fine on LP (it's brand new).
Hoping tomorrow they can finally get this all fixed.