Saturday, August 26, 2017

One hurricane and two hospitals

Thursday evening we left the motorhome in Pearland and headed to Louisiana to get away from the Hurricane.  Mike, Kaitlyn and Lucas in their truck and Doug and I following in ours.  Of course Buddy and Buster were along for the ride too.
We arrived in St. Francisville, La. around 8:30.  we were going to stay at Kaitlyn's parents house.
By the time we arrived in St. Francisville, Doug wasn't feeling very well.  His stomach was a little quesy and it ached a little.  He decided to go on to bed not long after we got there.
The next morning Doug was in severe pain and broke out in a cold sweat.  He was ready to see a doctor.  Doug is never ready to go to the doctor so I knew it must be bad.  We went to the small hospital there in town.  When they saw Doug, they took him right back and started drawing blood and taking x-rays.  They thought at first he was having a heart attack.  Blood work ruled out heart attack. Doctor ordered a CT of his abdomen.  By now he is in terrible pain but they still cant give him anything until all of his tests come back.  It wasn't long they gave him something and the doctor came in and told us that Doug had pancreatitis.  His liver enzymes were elevated also.  It seemed that Doug also had cholitis.  ( I don't know if I spelled all this things right.) He has never had gallbladder problems before.  The small hospital in town couldn't do everything Doug was going to need so they transferred him to Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge.  We are still here.
Doug is better but his pancreas is still very much inflamed.  The way they explained it is this:
A gall stone came out of his gallbladder and lodged in the duct that is connected to the pancreas.  It also blocked the duct connected to the liver.  Everything backed up causing his liver and pancreas to get inflamed.  They are not sure if the stone has passed or not.  They believe it has.  Once things calm down they are going to remove his gallbladder and he should be fine.  He has been NPO until tonight.  They let him have jello and juice.  He tollerated that fine so things must be looking up.
Hopefully, he will be well enough to have the surgery tomorrow or the next day.  He will then be discharged.
All of this happening has kind of put the hurricane out of our minds.  As far as I know, the houses are fine and so is the motorhome.  The Brazos river is expected to flood, so our neighborhood will also have some flooding but we are high enough that the houses shouldn't be affected.
When Doug gets released from the hospital, we will make our plans to go back to Pearland.
Stay safe everyone.