Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back in St. Francisville

Doug got out of the hospital this morning.  We have returned to St. Francisville to wait for the water to recede so that we can return home.
 these are pics of the RV resort in Pearland.  This area is the older part and
 much lower than where we are.

This is the latest picture I have of the house.  Still high and dry.
The neighbors across the street have supplied us with all of the pictures from the neighborhood.  Here are some more.
                               They had to walk to their house.  This is Cheyenne Ridge Dr.!
This is their house.  A tree had fallen and knocked out electricity..  Yes, the downed wire is dead.
Don't think I would have had the nerve even knowing it was dead.

While Doug was in the hospital, Lucas and John decided to wash all the vehicles.  He was so serious about his work.

I think everyone got wet, not just the vehicles.  Thanks guys for the excellent wash job!
Though it is beautiful here and the company impeccable, I am anxious to return to Houston.  
Hoping the roads to Houston clear up soon.