Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back from Amarillo, let's check out the house

We spent the last two weeks in Amarillo playing with the grandkids.
 There was a fun day playing outside in the water.  Lots of water balloon fights.
Brian set up two pools in the backyard.  It was a mini water park.  The kids had a lot of fun.
 Then Logan wanted to shoot his bb gun.  Brian sat him down and helped him shoot it.  Of course all the hits at the bulleye were his.  He laughed and said pepaw missed.  LOL
Brian and Lori took us to a wonderful catfish place to have supper.   This was the best catfish we have had since we left Arkansas.  The owner/cook is from north Arkansas.  LOL

                                   Logan was watching his IPad while sitting in my lap.

                                                       Sure do miss these two kiddos!
Here in Pearland it has been HOT!  Too hot to do anything outside.  We went down to the house to see how things were going.

After having to fire the framers, they finally got some good workers and we are seeing progress again.  The roof is suppose to go on starting Monday.  Our little house already has the roof and they are trying to catch the big house up.  Plumbing and electric are roughed in on both houses.
                                                        I love ther dormers.
This is a partial shot of the back porch.  I can't get the whole thing in one picture.
This is on the other end.  It will be the outdoor kitchen.  It is wider than it looks here.
                                           My little house, waits for big Bertha to catch up.
The painters are prepping the siding.  Paint should go on after the roof is on next week.  I can't wait to get that yellow covered up.
I took pictures of the inside but without walls it is too hard to really tell anything.  They just look like a bunch of 2x4's.  Soon, I hope.... soon