Tuesday, June 13, 2017

While we take a break and hit the road with friends, work goes on

While we take a break (I don't know from what) and hit the road with friends and travel buds, Jim and Libbie, work continues on the house.
                                                             Here is our little house.
                               Front view, Living room in center with bedrooms on each side.
                                             Mike's house.
Right now we are in Marksville, La.  We met up with Jim and Libbie at the Paragon Casino.  We arrived on Friday, June 9th and leave tomorrow, Tuesday, June 13th.  We are headed to Galveston but couldn't get reservations until Wednesday.  We will stop in Lake Charles for the night and then head on to Galveston.  This will be Jim and Libbie's first trip there.  We had the short weekend trip a couple of months ago but there is so much we didn't see.  I am looking forward to the return to Galveston.
Here we are at our site at Paragon.  Think you are seeing double?  We are on the right and the bus just like ours pulled in today on the left.  Jim and Libbie are in the middle.