Monday, June 19, 2017

More pictures from Galvaston area

I am just now getting around to getting the pictures off of my canon camera.
I think these bridges were near Port Arthur Tx.  The older of the two was used as the west bound and the newer one was the east bound.
I did not care for this bridge.  The side rails were almost non existant and I kept feeling like we were going to drive right off it.  I didn't take any pictures while on it for that reason.  I was too busy closing my eyes.
The gulf seems to be taking a lot of the beach and roadways back.  This crew was busy trying to stop it.  Lots of sand being brought in.  There were a few places that had eroded all the way up to the highway.
                                             No problems here.

They do build the houses high this close to the gulf.  
                                We had a long wait at the ferry crossing on Bolivar pennisula.

                                                          We watched the sea gulls

                                                    The pelicans too!
Doug fed the sea gulls out the window.  I tried several times to catch a picture but this was all I got.
                                              Look closely and you can see the dolphin fin.

                                  I couldn't catch the dolphins playing for feeding in the bay either.
We are going out to the property to mow tomorrow.  I will take pictures of the progress on the houses.