Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Logan and Lucas catch their first fish

After raining all morning, the guys decided to go outside and try to catch some fish.  It wasn't long before I looked out the window and saw that Logan had caught his first fish. Pepaw was trying to get Logan to look my way, but he was too busy for that.
                     I headed that way and by the time I got there he had caught another one.
Before I knew it, he had caught 7 fish!  Of course these little ones were released back into the lake. But he sure enjoyed catching them.  I think Pepaw had fun too.
It wasn't long Mike, Kaitlyn and Lucas showed up.  Though a little over dressed, they decided to join us.
                                          In just a few minutes, Lucas had caught his first fish.
                                                                       Then another.
                   He wanted to hold the fish.  Logan wanted no part of that. He went to watch the turtles.
                   Then Kaitlyn decided she needed to catch one.  I was too close on this one to get the fish in the picture.  sorry... my bad.
                         Then I decided, well, if it's that easy, I have to try.  Yep, I got one too.

                                                       We all had fun, even the turtles.
 It's a shame that it's a catch and release lake.  There are some pretty big bass in there too.  We were having too much fun with the little perch that we didn't even try for any thing else.
It was a fun day.