Friday, June 23, 2017

House update

We spent Wednesday mowing at the property.  The weather was nice and there was a cool breeze blowing all day.  Of course, it was Tropical storm Cindy that was supplying the breeze, but that's ok, it felt good and she went southeast of us.
          Of course first Doug had to take the backhoe off the tractor and put the mower on.
                            That's a lot of grass to mow.  He also pushed over a dead tree!

                                           They worked on getting the siding on the houses.

What's really funny is I was so fixed on getting a picture of the siding going up, I didn't even notice the guy posing in the picture.  LOL  This is not the final color.  Just the siding.  It will be painted a grey.

Really glad that tropical storm Cindy decided to come ashore elsewhere.  Hope she didn't do too much damage where she did.
Here is a picture of tonights sunset.  Sure was a pretty one.