Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Doug and more on house

Well it's been a few days ago, but, Happy birthday Doug!  #2 son, Michael took us out to dinner at Vic and Anthony's to celebrate.  Doug and I let Mike order for us and these were his choices for us.
birthday boy got the 40 oz. tomahawk ribeye.  Yes I said 40 0z.!

 I got the 6 oz. A5 Kobe beef filet from Japan.
Kaitlyn had the Kobe beef New York strip from Australia with fried fois gras on top.
Don't ask me why one Kobe beef is from Japan and one from Australia, or what the difference is.  I just know it melted in my mouth and was fantastic.  Mike had red fish so I didn't even take a picture of that. LOL
We had a great time.  Lucas slept most of the evening.  He is cutting molars and was not feeling to well by the time dinner was served.  He was very good though.  He just watched his tablet and fell asleep.
Doug couldn't finish his steak but he sure tried.  Believe me, he finished it later.  Buddy enjoyed the bone.
This weekend we went out to check on the houses.
                                                  Can't get Mike's house in one picture.

                            This is the back porch on Mike's house and our house.
Starting the trey ceiling in the living room

If the weather will just cooperate, they should get a lot done this week. Happy Birthday Doug!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Baby ducks and house construction

                      We have baby ducks at the RV park.  Lots of them.  One mom has 10 another 7.
                        Someone told me these ducks were called "mexican squealers"   They do actually make a squeal sound instead of a quack.

                                                           Beautiful sunset at the park.
                                                               Love these succullents.
Now  let's get to the house building.

The lumber is going up!  Can't wait to see a roof.  The neighbor across the street took these photos for us.  He said the workers were singing as they worked.  Love it.