Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hello I have been busy

It's been awhile since I posted. I have been busy.  Let's see what I have done.
I love to crochet and I have made several things.
                                 neck scarf and 3 men's ties that I didn't take a picture of.

                                  dragon scale fingerless gloves.  I made 3 pair of these.
I am working on a dragonscale hooded poncho for my granddaughter now.  I have just started it and it's not far enough along to look like anything.  I will post a picture when I finish.

I have also been busy recovering the cornice boards and lambriquins in the living/dining area.
This is the fabric that I chose.  I liked that it had several colors but was clean and modern looking.  Right now I am using a teal blue but I wanted to be able to easily change to red or green.

                                            It's hard to see but this is the before picture.

 In the picture above the sconces are upside down.  We noticed this while cleaning up after finishing.  It took minutes to flip them.  LOL leave it to us to install something upside down.

                                  We also changed out the sconces and light over the table.
You can see the old light over table in this pic above.  I hated that light.
                                                               I love the new lights.
Here is a pic after we fixed the lights.

Did I ever tell you we took the mirror down behind the bed?  I hated that too.  LOL  Now it looks like a headboard.  I am thinking about adding a word or saying.  Dream?  Kiss me Goodnight?  Turn over, your snoring?  Just a thought.