Friday, November 25, 2016

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

     We had a great meal Thanksgiving.  My daughter in law outdid herself.  She is a wonderful cook.
                     Brian fried the turkey and it was very good.  Would definately eat that again. (that's me sneaking a bite of ham with brown sugar glaze. mmmm)
The star of the day though was the dressing.  OMG, it was wonderful.  I could have eaten the whole pan.
Let me back up and show you some pictures of us watching Brian cook the turkey.
                                                       Then there was the pillow fights.
                              Someone couldn't get off their game long enough to talk to everyone.

Who me?
The dogs were lined up for their loving.
 Lori was happy that most of the cooking was done and she got to sit down and rest a minute.
Logan was looking for something.  Don't remember what, but he was looking.
Last year we were waiting on a blizzard, this year we were sitting outside enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.  It was a wonderful day.  I just wish that Mike and his family could have been here to enjoy it with us.