Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tragedy at Katy Lake

Yesterday around 6:00 pm there was an explosion and fire at one of the rv's in the resort.

The owner was badly burned and had to be air lifted to the nearest hospital.  Six people here onsite were injured trying to get him out.
Our resident hero, Dave was treated for smoke inhalation, burns and cuts trying to assist in getting him out.  Dave also assisted the fireman in locating and removing him.


When you think how small the inside of an RV is, you wonder why they couldn't find him.  Smoke is a terrible thing.  Not only does it weaken you and destroy your lungs, your visibility is zero.  They could hear but not see someone less than 3 feet away.
                                                              This is the hot water heater.
                                                           This is the back of the refrigerator.

At this time, we are not sure what started the fire.  The hot water tank is under the refrigerator and that area looks like where it started.  I don't know why the microwave was removed.  I guess it could have caused the fire.  I wish I had pictures of all the heroes that helped and tried to help this man in need.  It is a brave thing indeed to run into a burning building.  My heart goes out to all that risk their lives everyday to help others.  Just a reminder that it's all in a days work for our brave firefighters and policeman.  Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE:  Sat. evening
The fire department has determined that the fire originated at the refrigerator.  The owner is in ICU in serious condition.  
UPDATE:  Unfortunately the man did not survive.  Prayers to his family.