Saturday, October 15, 2016

Let's talk remodel

I mentioned that I wanted to a little more remodeling on the RV.  Our rig is a 1999 and the fabric on the valances needs replacing badly.
 Once I got them down and removed some of the extra "pieces", I could see just how bad the fabric really was.  Look at the difference in the coloring.  The lighter shade was hidden under those "pieces" I was talking about.
 After removing the fabric, there were a hundred tiny nails that had to be removed.  I got Doug to come out and help with those.
They were out in no time.  I then sanded the wood some to help smooth it out and to help remove some of the remaining adhesive they had used to help attach padding and fabric.
 At first I considered not covering the top piece of wood.  I painted it and took a look.  I liked the fact that it could be used as a shelf and easily cleaned.

Yep I thought about it, but in the end I decided to cover it in the fabric.
What do you think?  Was it a good choice?
We had to stop working on this so that we could grill supper.
It was real good too!  grilled salmon, red snapper (not on this plate) asparagus, grilled pineapple and fresh baked bread grilled with garlic.  Yum
I will post the valances hung back up tomorrow.

                                                            ok Here they are up.

                              Just look how many nails they put in these valances.  Good grief!
On to another project