Thursday, October 20, 2016

LED lights that won't stick to anything!

We have been trying to install a set of LED lights outside for a week.  We have tried just about everything.
 These outdoor lights are encased in silicone.  It is this silicone that we cannot find anything that will stick to it.  The strip came with a double sided tape on it.  Well you you took the backing off to attach it to the motorhome, the tape came off the silicone.  We have tried gorilla tape, goop, instant mounting glue and a few more.  Nothing will stick.
This is what we ordered. 12-Volt 16.4-ft RGB Color-Changing Kit with Controller and IR Remote, Power Supply, and LED Strip with Water-Resistant Silicone-Gel Coating  The lights are great. I love them... I just wish the tape strip that was on them had worked.  Of course I have to admit that it it is partially our fault. I bought these lights a couple of years ago.  They were in the motorhome when it was in storage.  The heat and cold could have affected the tape.

Here Doug is adding the power supply and IR controller to the patio light switch.  At least this worked.
I ordered some mounting clips
Mounting Clip with Releasable Cover for LED Strips up to 12mm Wide (25-Pack)
Hopefully these will stick and hold our lights.  These should be here in two days.  Cross your fingers they get here quick and work!
Lights are up and working great!  The mounting clips did the trick.  They went up very easily with no sticking problems. YEA!