Friday, October 7, 2016

It's time to remodel some more

I have been looking at fabric to do some more remodeling in our motor home.  The valances need to be changed.
 I was thinking of using the brown on the side panels.  These are the only two I liked but I don't think they are what I really want.  I really want something alittle lighter and brighter. Some more color.

what do you think?  If I was really brave I would go for something like this.
I love all of the bright colors in this fabric.  I might get tired of them but for awhile I would love it.

Our house finally closed on Sept. 30th.  For us the 4th time was the charm.  I think in total our house was only on the market 5 days.  It sold the first day on the market.  We waited he 30 days to close and the buyers, which were young, made the mistake of quitting his job to go to work for his dad.  Oops, no house for you.  Back on the market for another day and it sold again.  Another 30 days and they changed their mind.  Back on the market 2 days this time.  Another 30 days waiting and on wednesday before closing friday, they found a judgement against the buyer.  Keep in mind all of these people were PREAPPROVED!  Back on the market for 1 day and it sold again.  This time it closed.  Yea....
We are officially full timers in our motorhome.
And that my friends is another reason to spruce up the motorhome.