Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Moving is a long, painful process

We have been very busy around here trying to become Texans.  We have gotten both vehicles and the trailer we use to haul the Kubota tractor, registered and licensed with Tx. tags now.  That alone took us several hours of standing in line.  We should have licensed them in Amarillo.  Not only was it quick and easy but cheaper.  Having a vehicle inspected cost a mere $7.50 in Amarillo.  Here it is $25.50.  An emissions test is required here is one of the reasons for higher cost.  We had to pay $90 sales tax on each vehicle and the trailer to transfer titles and registration.  The total cost to get license on the car, truck and trailer was $599.00.  In Arkansas it was $25.00 each and the trailer was a permanent tag.  They keep telling me that it will be cheaper next year because we don't have to pay the sales tax or the transfer of title fees.  I guess this is helps revenue since they don't have state income tax.  I feel like I just paid my income tax!  LOL  The tags for the motor home were $252 so we spent close to a thousand dollars just putting Texas tags on vehicles.  We still have to get our  Texas drivers license.  We should be about finished with changing everything over after that.
We meet with the builder to finalize our house plans on Saturday.  I think after all this we need to take a vacation!  It's time to go somewhere fun and preferably cooler.

To update on my poor old tooth, or lack thereof.  I do have dry socket and it's not much fun.  The dentist told me to get some clove oil and pack the tooth.  That oil tastes terrible but it is amazing how it deadens the pain.  Keep that in mind if you get a toothache or even a mouth ulcer.  I found the clove oil at a GNC.  And you can add it to a candle warmer and make your house smell good.  How about that!