Sunday, August 21, 2016

Driving in the rain

We left at 9:00 this morning after a very heavy rain shower.  We were hoping that was all the rain but we weren't so lucky.  It rained on us through most of Texas.  At times it was so heavy you couldn't see the road.  There were several cars in median that had hydroplaned.  We had one right in front of us.  She was getting out of the car when we went past.  There was already someone stopped to help.  It was a mess.  We slipped a couple of times but thank goodness, we stayed in control and on the road.
We arrived around 6:00.  Happily there was no rain here.  Two of my sisters, Phyllis and Debbie, greeted us and fed us fried chicken!
After visiting for a while, it didn't take long for us to crash.

Yep, we are tired.  I think we will make a short night of it tonight.