Monday, August 22, 2016

A transplant for the transplant

Today we went to see Doug's cornea specialist.  Doug as had a lot of problems lately with this cornea.  In fact, he has had a lot of problems with his eye, period.  He has had several ulcers that left caverns, as the doctor likes to refer to them, in his cornea.  Today he informed us that this cornea has reached the end of it's usefulness.  It's time for another transplant.  Transplants last on average, 10 years.  This one is 11 years old.  Dr. Berry recommends that Doug use a doctor in the Houston area, since we have moved there.  He said he would do some research and recommend one for us. (yea)  Since Doug is scheduled for some heart surgery on the 12th of Sept., he told us to wait until after that to see the new specialist.  In fact, his words were, "just wait, and if you are still alive on the 13th, then let's schedule the appointment with a new doctor".  He does have a dry sense of humor.  We like him and hate to start over with a new doctor but as he said, you can't be that far away from your doctor with something like this.  He also told us it wouldn't be fair for him to do the surgery and then send us to a new doctor for him to take care of his handy work.   He said a few things about how wonderful he was and all but it was time to find a new "wonderful doctor".   Like I said, we like Dr. Berry.
We got back in town in time to have dinner with Jim and Libbie.  Today is Libbie's 62nd birthday!
It was good to share their company this evening.  I don't have any pictures.  Unfortunately, I left my camera back home.  I brought my camera bag, it just didn't have my camera in it. bummer!
Happy Birthday LIBBIE!!!!