Friday, July 15, 2016

Well that made for a busy day!

Did I mention that as we were hooking up the car, I noticed that the tags on the motor home had just expired?  That's a wonderful thing to see when you are leaving for a 500+ mile trip.  Of course, our first item on the agenda was to get new tags.  New Texas tags!  I got online to see what I needed.  First you need an inspection.  As luck would have it, I found a place that would inspect the motorhome as soon as we got into Amarillo.  Yep, after traveling all day, we had to unhook the car and get it inspected then hook the car back up to go to the RV Park.  Keep in mind I was driving the truck.  We also needed the title.  It happened to be in Katy, TX.  Mike overnighted it to us.  Ok I think we have everything.  We head to the DMV.  We arrive to a long line.

Again, we are assured that it won't take long.  An easy in and out.  I admit the line moved fast but when it was our turn things went downhill.  First we need to have the motorhome weighed.  Weighed! Yep.  Also we also have to have a picture of the motorhome.  We gather our stuff and head out the door.
First we find a place to get the MH weighed.  Flying J did the job for us at a cost of $10.50.  She weighs 23,900 lbs.  Then I took a quick pic of her
Back to the DMV we go.  This time we walked right in and everything went smoothly.  We now have Tx. tags on the MH.  One step closer to becoming a Texan!