Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We are homeless vagabonds.

The house is empty and we are now living in the RV.  The last couple of months have been very busy ones.  You just don't realize how much "stuff" you have until you have to pack it.  At first I was all about keeping everything.  That attitude didn't last long.  Too many boxes.  Way to many boxes.  So I rethought my criteria for what to keep and what has to go.  I took 3 or 4 large car loads of  "stuff", to the resale shop.  I gave my dining table to our niece.  I sold the master bedroom suit and gave away  the couch and the chair in the living room.  There was 31 years of stuff and memories.  I raised my two boys in this house and surprisingly, it's been hard to leave it.  We loaded the motorhome and set our sights on Amarillo.  The drive was a very hard one once we got into Oklahoma.  We had some terrible wind to contend with all day.  I was driving the truck and following behind Doug in the motorhome (which was pulling the car.)  I don't know how many times I squealed as I watch the motorhome and car be blown sideways.  Then the wind caught the slide topper and it unrolled.  We stopped and Doug climbed the ladder and used some zip ties to hold it in place so that it couldn't unfurl.  Of course right outside Amarillo it started to rain and hail.  We lucked out in that we were on the very edge of the storm.  It lasted about 3 minutes.
Did I mention that as we were hooking up the car I noticed that the tags on the motorhome had expired? Yep, they expired on the last day of June.  Since we are moving to Texas, I called around and found us a place to get the RV inspected so that we can get new tags.  Now we don't have to set up on site, only to take down tomorrow and reset.  I head to the DMV tomorrow to get us some Texas tags and to UPS to take our U-verse modem.