Monday, July 11, 2016

Washing the motorhome and then mani-pedi's!

We have been so busy since we got to Amarillo that we have neglected to wash the dirt and road grime off the bus when we got here.  Well today became that day.  First we bathed Buddy.  He wasn't too happy about it until I started scrubbing his back.  After getting him all dried off and brushed,  Doug started to wash the bus.  There was so much dirt on the sides that it took all afternoon to finish it up.

The wind was blowing so much that it dried almost immediately.  That wind also camouflaged  just how hot is was out there today.  That wind felt pretty good.  But it caused Doug to overheat a little bit.  He laid down for a little while and was ready to move on.   We have done nothing but work for the past couple of months.  Today was the day we finally got to do something fun and relaxing. We went for Mani-Pedi's.  We then finished off the day by eating a fabulous steak that Brian cooked.
Oh, the high for today was 102.  It's unreal to me that it was that hot outside.  That breeze can sure cool you enough that you don't know your burning up.