Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A family gathering and a new truck!

If you mention food, and lots of it, you will not have any problem getting the McDaniel clan to gather.  Taylor,  Ricky, and Tina, invited us all to a fish fry on Sunday afternoon.

Ricky invited Fabian and then made him do all the cooking.  I wonder if he would have been so eager to come had he known that bit of info.  Knowing Fabian, yes he would.  And besides, he is a good cook.  We had fried fish, homemade onion rings, french fries, hush puppies, boudain balls, homemade chocolate and lemon pies.
The younger bunch, sat around a table and caught up on all the gossip and all the "stuff" going on in each of their lives.  They also solved all the world problems.  Global warming is now a thing of the past.

                                                    Hostess, Taylor and her boyfriend here.
                               Scott and Michelle planning some strategy for corn hole.
Don't you just love Doug's hat!   Tim and his new girlfriend are admiring it.  Tina is just wondering who that dude is and who invited him!
                                  He was caught sampling the fish or maybe it was the onion rings.
                                                     A good selfie of Debbie and Bruce!
                                                                   And Scott and Karla!
           After eating they played a few rounds of Corn Hole.  The object of the game is to throw those little bags in the the hole.  If it lands on the board, you get a point, if it goes into the hole, you get 3!
Of course, if your opposing team gets a bag on the board, their bag cancels out yours.  With all the adding and subtracting, I never could keep up with the score.
We all had a very good time.  The weather was beautiful and it felt good to be outside.  We must do this again.
Today Doug bought himself a new truck.  We discussed whether or not to replace the HHR.  I hated to buy a new SUV and then pull it behind the motor home.  So we decided to keep the HHR.  It has been a great tow vehicle and even though she is showing some wear and tear, she still has a lot of life left in her.  But as a vehicle to do much traveling in, she is not very comfortable.  The HHR is strictly and drive around town kind of car.  We needed something that was useful and comfortable to travel in when we weren't traveling in the motorhome.
                                                              He looked at a Ford.
                                                          And he looked at a Chevy.
 But the GMC won out.  Notice that they all were white.  He does love a white vehicle.
                                                The interior is a chocolate brown and tan.