Thursday, March 3, 2016

We are home, but is it really home?

We arrived home to cold weather and then rain.  We are suppose to have thundershowers in the morning too.  What is it with us and bad weather.  As soon as we left Amarillo, the temperature jumped up to the 80's.
Traveling in the truck and not the motorhome is hard on us.  It has taken me two days to just recover.  It's a 10 hour drive from Amarillo to Pine Bluff.  We try to stop often to stretch but you get in travel mode and want to hurry up and get to your destination.
We have been here so little that it doesn't feel like home anymore.  Home is where my kids and grandkids are.  We will head back to Houston next week for Lucas's first birthday.  Doesn't seem like it has been a year.  Time flies when you are having fun, and it flies even faster the older you get.
I guess we will be calling a realtor this week and start the process of putting the house up for sale.  When you consider that we spent two months over the last year in this house, it's no wonder it doesn't feel like home anymore.