Sunday, March 6, 2016

A day trip to Hot Springs

Today we went to Hot Springs with Doug's brother to pick up a new fishing boat.  They arrived early this morning in a new GMC pick up.  Gee, Ricky, a new truck and a new boat. I think I am jealous.

Now the new boat!
While they were signing papers and loading everything up to go, I had a chance to look around.  It seems that I am way behind on what motorcycles look like nowadays!
 What do you think about this one!  It looks like a batmobile.  They also have convertible tops for bad weather.
                                               Now this one is nice.  It looks a little wicked.
                               Here is a closeup of the interior.  It even has a stick shift.
Well someone is ready to try it out.  I think I will wait for the ones that fly.  According to the Jetson's we are suppose to be zooming around in flying cars by now.