Monday, March 14, 2016

A birthday party for Lucas

Although his birthday isn't until March 17th, we celebrated it Saturday, March 12th.  His actual birthday is on Thursday and Mike will be in class preparing to take his PE test.  All of that, plus her family couldn't be here mid week to celebrate.  So the 12th it is.

                                                             Can you tell he was excited!
                                      Mike and Kaitlyn got busy preparing some real good food.
John and Shiela worked hard breading the catfish, shrimp and sliced fried dill pickles!
                             Mike has a nice new fryer.  He had it all cooked in no time at all.
 See, I told you it was a nice cooker.  It has two fry baskets and right now they both are full of fish!
I almost waited too long to snap a shot of some of the food.  It was going fast.  Don't worry, there was plenty.  To go with the fish and shrimp, there was also french fries, hush puppies, fresh fruit and vegetables.  It was all delicious!
This is Lucas's very own cake.  I didn't get a shot of the big one for all of us.  I don't think he took a bite of it, but he sure had fun playing in it.

                                                  The dogs had fun eating it up off the patio.
                                     After a quick bath for Lucas, it was time to open presents.

                                    A good time was had by all.  Happy first birthday Lucas!