Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow in Arkansas

We don't get snow very often in south Arkansas, so it doesn't take much to send people in a frenzy.
I ran to the store to buy a loaf of bread.  I got the very last loaf on the shelf.  I told you people went crazy when you say snow around here.  Now to my friends up north, the 4 inches that we got would be a dusting, but here it was a blizzard.  I must admit it was very pretty.  The picture above is looking out my back door into the pasture.
 When I looked out early this morning, just after sunrise, my little flag was frozen solid.  We had freezing rain before it turned into snow.

 When the wind blew, this little flag just swung back and forth like a door.  It looked funny, but it didn't take long in the wind for the ice to break up and let it ripple in the wind.

                                                        Do you see the little Titmouse?
 Using my telephoto lens I got a picture of my neighbor walking through her property putting up little bird feeders.
It was very pretty but by noon the sun started to shine and it started to melt.  The streets and driveways cleared off first.
                       Of course, Buddy had to get outside and play in the snow and now water.
                              He didn't stay out long, he doesn't like to get cold.  This boy is spoiled!
                                    As the snowman on my door says, " Baby, it's cold outside!