Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On the Road again!

The dreaded day has finally arrived.  It is time for us to leave and head home.  I sure am going to miss my grandchildren.  It is so hard to leave them.  It will be February before I see my youngest grandchild.  It gets harder and harder to leave them.  The peace and quiet is almost deafening.
We almost didn't leave today.  I was sick last night and Doug was sick all day today.  In fact, I had to drive over 100 miles today because he couldn't stay out of the bathroom. ( I know, TMI)  We found out our granddaughter left school today sick too!  Her mom isn't feeling to well either.  Doesn't sound to good to me.
We decided to stop for the night at the Grand Casino outside of Oklahoma City, OK.
They have a small RV park on the parking lot.  It's nothing fancy but it has water and electricity and they do have a dump station.  You use to could stay up to 3 nights free but they had to start charging because they had squatters that decided free was good and wouldn't leave.  Now it is $50 a night to stay.  Way too much for what you get.  But, we got to stay free!  Lucky for me the manager came in when the girl was trying to figure out how to charge me and he said," just one night, you can stay free".  Works for me!!!  Doug is feeling better so we will continue homeward bound tomorrow.