Sunday, December 27, 2015

There is a blizzard warning!

 It was suppose to start around 6:00 but it was more like 10 before it really came down.
                  You can hardly see the fence in the back and their yard is not very deep!

                      I will take pictures in the morning.  They are expecting snow measured in feet.  This will be new for me too!
Oh and there was a 2.7 earthquake here today too... center was about 40 miles from us.  I don't need any more "new to me" things!

The snow was crazy.  it went from an inch or two in places to 3-5 ft because of the wind.  We played around in the 4x4 and got stuck in deep snow but it was fun.  I was walking Buddy and stepped into a drift that was up to my thighs.  It's hard for an old woman in boots to get out of something like that by herself.  I probably could have won "funniest videos"!