Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving, an Ice storm, and guess who is sick

We had a wonderful thanksgiving week.  Well, the days before thanksgiving were great.  My entire family was gathered under one roof and anytime that happens, I am a happy woman.  Unfortunately, an ice storm decided to grace us with it's presence thanksgiving evening.  This caused Mike and Kaitlyn to leave after lunch to head back to Houston.  It was a world-wind day.  We ate lots of good food and then Mike, Kaitlyn, Lucas, Brian, Lori, Ashlynn and Logan all exchanged Christmas presents. Thanks-mas is what they called it.

We ate and then the gift opening began.
Logan thought the box was the best toy!
A family picture

My boys are still just big kids.  LOL
Everyone loves Star wars!!!
Even though we didn't want them to leave, it was a good thing they did.  This is what we woke up to the next morning.  Unfortunately, this is ice not snow.
The day after Mike and Kaitlyn left, Lucas ran fever.  By saturday they took him to the ER with 102.7.  It was suspected he had roseola.  By Monday, he had the rash.  Yep, it was roseola.  By Monday, I had a terrible sore throat.  I had ulcers all over my throat and uvula (that hangy down thing in the middle).  Strep throat.  I am too old for this stuff.