Saturday, December 26, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful fun-filled day.
We had lots of food and there were presents galore under the tree.
                   It looked like an explosion at a toy store happened in the living room.  LOL
                                    I got some beautiful earrings from the James Avery store!
                                  I think this is for warmth not just darth vader or whatever
 Logan took forever playing with each toy for 30 min or so before moving on to something else
 Doug got some new tools, a bag to put them in and more wemo electronic stuff
                                            I think someone really likes his new fire engine!
                                             Ashlynn playing with some of her dolls
It was a wonderful day.  We ate too much, played hard and enjoyed the nice weather.  Today it's snowing.... more on that tomorrow.  There is a blizzard warning.  I have never been in a blizzard!