Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is almost here.  I have finished all of my shopping.  All of the presents are wrapped and under the tree.  Well not all of them.  I bought myself an Instant Pot pressure cooker and was going to put it under the tree but I couldn't wait to use it.  So far I had made a whole chicken, pork butt, a beef roast and chicken wings.  All were delicious!  It is so easy to cook in this pot, I might actually start cooking again!  Not everyday, let's don't go overboard, but... often.  lol
The chicken wings were great.  From frozen to almost fall off the bone done took 20 min.  I then coated them with BBQ sauce and put them in the oven on broil for a few minutes to  crisp them up.  
Lori has been busy baking for Christmas.  She made fudge, oatmeal cookies and an Italian cream cake.  She was working hard on the cake and I walked in the kitchen.  She was whipping the egg whites by hand.  I made the mistake of telling her that she wasn't whipping fast enough.  I was thrown out of the kitchen.  Note to self:  Never criticize a woman with a whisk in hand and a 18 month old pulling on her leg.  I took my grandson and we went to the den and watched cartoons.  Lesson learned.  LOL 
We are suppose to get a bunch of snow the day after Christmas.  Anything above 3 inches is a bunch to me.  I think they are forecasting in feet not inches..  We will see..... Could be fun.... could be....