Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!
                                  Lucas had to rest up and get ready for his first halloween!
 I can't ever remember the name that goes with this costume.  I know it's a character from an animated movie and that's all I know.

I am ready for my close-up grandmama.
Kaitlyn was ready too!  I remember this character's name, Maleficent!  Right???  lol
Other two grandbabies.  Ashlynn is a pink Ninja and Logan is a baby vampire.  Lori was suppose to dress up too.  I think or at least wear her Harry Potter cape and carry her sword.  I didn't get a picture from her though.  LORI!!!!!   Where's my pic?

               Ashlynn is growing up way to fast.  She will be a pre-teen before we know it.
                                                         Is that what you call it now?
You can just see the mischievousness in this little guy.  It's all over his face!  LOL
I love my grandchildren! 
 Oh, and my children too!