Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In Amarillo, enjoying the kids and grandkids

We haven't done much since arriving here.  Just having the chance to all be together is the definition of happiness for me.
Brian's house is full of kids and dogs.  LOL  Everyone is getting along just fine.  Haven't had a dog or kid complain.
                                          Looks like everyone is connected to social media!
We did go to Palo Dura Canyon today.  Mike and Kaitlyn have never been there.  It is just as beautiful as I remember it.

 Right before we left, the sun was setting changing all the colors of the rock formations.

                                            I even got a shot of the moon above the canyon.
A beautiful ending to a perfect day.  We need to enjoy these 70 degree days.  The weatherman says snow is coming our way this weekend!
Tomorrow we start to prepare for Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Let's play catch up

There hasn't been anything to write about since all we have been doing is playing with Lucas and going to doctor appointments.   Medicines were changed, tests were ordered and return appointments were made for February.  Guess we know when we will be coming back.
Our plans are to leave Houston on Friday and head to Austin.  Yea, I know, that is not the direction we should be going. Mike wants to take us to a BBQ place in Austin.  This place is suppose to be so popular that people line up before they open for a chance to eat there.  I can tell you now, I am not standing outside in a line for hours just to eat BBQ.  I love BBQ, but you can get it without standing in line for hours!  Mike and family are following in their vehicle since we will be staying in Amarillo after Thanksgiving.  We will celebrate Christmas while there too.  This way Mike,  Brian and their families can actually see everyone open presents.  We plan on arriving in Amarillo on Sunday.
I look forward to having my entire family together under one roof again.  It's loud and messy with kids and dogs running around, but it is wonderful.  I love every exhausting minute!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One Doctor Appointment down!

Today I went to the endocrinologist.  My blood work was great.  My A1c was 6.2,  my good cholesterol was low and my bad cholesterol was a little high.  Everything else was within normal range.  I have been having some bouts of low blood sugar so she lowered one of my meds and changed it to a extended release and stopped the other.  To replace the one she stopped, I get Victoza, an injectable.  This is not an insulin, I don't need that.  But I am not sure what it is.  It lowers blood sugar but at a low dose, should stop my bouts of low blood sugar.  Last night it dropped to 57.  I don't like it when it does that.  Makes you feel like you are going down, like a one egg pudding.  I don't know what that means, but my mother said it all the time and it fits.  LOL  One of the side effects of this drug is weight loss.  I hope I get this side effect.  LOL  Another is nausea.  I hope I don't get that one, but I think that is why you get the weight loss.  Who wants to eat if they are nauseated all the time.  The nausea is suppose to only last a few days and stop as your body acclimates to the meds.
Tomorrow is doctor appointment number 2.  This time it's Doug's turn.  He sees his heart doctor.
I hope he gets as good a report as I did today.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!
                                  Lucas had to rest up and get ready for his first halloween!
 I can't ever remember the name that goes with this costume.  I know it's a character from an animated movie and that's all I know.

I am ready for my close-up grandmama.
Kaitlyn was ready too!  I remember this character's name, Maleficent!  Right???  lol
Other two grandbabies.  Ashlynn is a pink Ninja and Logan is a baby vampire.  Lori was suppose to dress up too.  I think or at least wear her Harry Potter cape and carry her sword.  I didn't get a picture from her though.  LORI!!!!!   Where's my pic?

               Ashlynn is growing up way to fast.  She will be a pre-teen before we know it.
                                                         Is that what you call it now?
You can just see the mischievousness in this little guy.  It's all over his face!  LOL
I love my grandchildren! 
 Oh, and my children too!