Thursday, October 29, 2015

We were home...LOL

We have been home since late Monday afternoon.  It has rained everyday since we got here.  How boring is that.  We didn't get anything done outside that we wanted to do while home because of the rain.  It stopped this afternoon but it was too wet to rake the leaves or mow the grass. Bummer...
Our first night home my sister, Melody, invited us over for supper.  She made chicken spaghetti and it was wonderful. The first time I had chicken spaghetti it was Melody's.  This was about 30 years ago.  Her recipe is the one that calls for all the dicing and slicing.  It takes a long time to make but it sure is worth it. Mmmmm good.  It was nice to see my sister too.  She didn't have to feed me, I would have liked to have seen her without the dinner invitation.  But it sure was nice after a long drive home to not have to worry about supper.  Thanks, Melody!
I got to spend a little bit of time with my sister, Debbie.  She is the one that takes care of everything at the house while we are gone.  She gets my mail and anything that comes up that needs attention, she does it.  Thanks Debbie!
Only sister left, Phyllis, I didn't get to see her but I did talk to her.  She is busy planning a trip to England, Scotland, Ireland and remodeling her kitchen.  It looks real good Phyllis!  Catch you next trip home.  LOL
That's all I had time to do while home this time.  We leave in the morning heading for Houston.  Doug and I both have doctor appointments almost everyday next week.    I had all my blood work done here on Tuesday and it should be in doctors hands for my appt.  Best of all, I get to see my youngest grandson.  He is seven months old now and needs some grandmama kisses.
Rain is suppose to move back in on friday and saturday so hopefully we will be in Houston and set up before it hits.  I called and made our reservations at Katy Lake RV in Katy so we are set to go.  Plans are to stay in Katy for a few weeks and then head to Amarillo to see other two grandchildren and have Thanksgiving (and maybe early Christmas).  Weather permitting, we will stay in Amarillo a few weeks and then head home.  Home, where is that exactly????   I think it's wherever the motorhome is parked!