Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Plans are written in sand

We don't make plans too far in advance, because we change our minds too easily, and we all just like to, "go with the flow".  We were suppose to leave Bristol, Tn on Monday, the 12th.  Notice I said suppose.  Jim had problems with his equilibrium and that changed everything.  It's kind of hard to drive when the world keeps spinning.  So we stayed till Tuesday.  He felt much better.
We left Bristol headed for Asheville, NC.  The sands shifted again.  Sometimes flying by the seat of your pants, is not a good thing.  We couldn't find a campsite for the two of us.  I found one but not two.  So I called Jim and we pulled over and regrouped.  We tried every campground in the Asheville/Pigeon Forge area.  We found something closer to Pigeon Forge but decided we had been there done that and really had just wanted to go to the Biltmore again and take the butlers tour.  Since we couldn't get a place to stay close to Asheville, we decided to skip that stop and head towards Bowling Green, KY.
We stopped for one night outside of Lenoir City, TN.  Then the sands shifted again.  Or the world did, in Jim's case.  He had another attack of vertigo.  So instead of staying one night, we have stayed two here at Soaring Eagle campground.  
We had planned on staying a couple of days in Bowling Green because the guys wanted to go to the Corvette museum and the Corvette/GM plant.  Because of the difficultly finding a site in Asheville, we decided to go ahead and make reservations for a site in Nashville, TN.  Our arrival was booked for Friday, the 16th.  Now we don't have time to go to Bowling Green.
Sands shift again.  We are going to head for Nashville and stop one night on the way somewhere since our reservations aren't until Friday.  Bowling Green isn't but 65 miles from Nashville.  The guys are going to make a day trip to Bowling Green and see those Corvettes!  Libbie and I will find some shopping to do in Nashville.  I am sure we can find something.
Unless the sands shift again, tomorrow we head towards Nashville.  I am hoping we get out of this quicksand soon!  LOL