Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nashville, TN

We arrived in Nashville a day earlier than we had planned so we had to get a spot for just one night.  Luckily, the road the KOA is on is rv park central.  There are 3 of them in a row.  We found a spot at Jellystone RV Resort.  Buddy was having some allergy problems, so first on our list was to find a vet. Poor baby was itching up a storm.  A few days of Prednisone and he will be fine, they said.
 There was a little bit of everything there.  This is is from France!  A family with three small children traveling the world.  They had this behemoth transported to Halifax, Nova Socia.  The spent a couple of months there and Canada.  They entered the U.S. after seeing Niagara Falls.  They plan on staying in US for 10 months then head to Mexico.  From there they are having the rig shipped to Peru.  Sounds like a plan to me!

This rig was also in the park.  It was shipped over from Germany.  You might have seen this one on tv.  It was on some Big RV show.  They bought the rights to this painting and had it put on the side of this Prevost.  Don't you love how her face is reflected on the slide.
She is on both sides.  Too much reflection on this side to get a good picture.

                             Our first stop was Nashville's Parthenon.  This place is huge.
                      Now that is some big doors.  At 7.5 tons, I wouldn't want to be opening them!
Of course, they don't want you to even try.  Notice the dinky little chain they have on the handles.

This huge building and all it has in it is Athena holding Nike.  I don't know much Greek Mythology, so I had to read to find out who they were.

                                      A lot of hard work went into making all of these pieces.
            These were some of the molds used for all the pieces near the roof on the outside gable.  Notice the size.  It kind of puts things in perspective.
The grounds around it are very pretty too.  It is a nice size park with lots going on.

After leaving there, we headed for Doug's favorite show's place.  American Pickers!

The building was the Marathon Motors plant.  This huge building is now home to a collection of stores.  Lots of arts and crafts.  Handmade jewelry, clothing, handmade candy and even a winery.
 But of course, our stop was Antique Archeology.  The bike above set a land speed record in the 1970's.
If you watch the show, you might remember when they found this Indian motorcycle.  Someone bought it and was taking delivery of it today.
           That long trailer was full of motorcycles.  He must be one heck of a collector!  They had a hard time rolling it in since it had a flat on the back tire.

                        Frank put this pig head on.  I remember seeing that one.  Silly Frank!

                               Doug got a couple of t-shirts, so he was a happy camper.
                  The candy store next door, was known for its handmade marshmallows!  All kinds.
                                There was a car museum for Marathon Motors, of course.

It was a fun day!