Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nashville day 3, The Hermitage

                         Today we took a tour of the Hermitage, Andrew Jacksons home place.

They don't let you take pictures inside the home.  The furniture and all the pieces of artwork and personal items are all original to the home.  This home has been operated as a museum for 126 years!
This is his presidential carriage.  His limousine of sort.  Don't guess it's bulletproof.  LOL

His life story is quite interesting.   His father died shortly before he was born and his mother died when he was 14.  He fought in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.  He was the only President to balance the budget.  The love of his life, his wife, Rachel, died right before he was to go live at the White House.
                                                        Slaves quarters on the plantation.
The first home they built on the plantation, was this log home.  But it was two stories when they lived in it.  After building the larger, Hermitage home, this one was converted for slaves.  The second story was removed.  As plain as it looks now, while the Jackson's were living in it, it was large with painted walls inside with french wallpaper in some of the rooms.  Rachel spent 17 years in this home.  They loved this home, but knew it wasn't large enough for a President and all the visitors they would have. So they built the larger, Hermitage.
 Jackson had this built for Rachel's final resting place.  He is also buried there beside her.
                                    A lot of their family members are also buried on the grounds.
Andrew Jackson, Jr. was actually their nephew.  They never had any biological children.  Rachel's sister had twins and gave one of them to Rachel to raise.  Sounds weird, but it was a common practice in those days.
 The japanese tree, Ginkgo.  One of the oldest trees on earth.  Trees were brought from all the battlegrounds and planted here.  Don't know why or what the story is on the ginkgo tree here on the grounds.
With its fan shaped lives.
I wish I could have taken pictures inside the Hermitage.  It is a beautiful home.
Another great day!