Friday, October 2, 2015

Let me Regress, Boat pictures from Niagara Falls

Libbie and I wanted to ride the boat to get close to the falls.  The guys didn't.  The fuddyduddies stayed at the campground and Libbie and I bought WEGO tickets.  WEGO is the bus system that covers most of the city of Niagara Falls.  For a mere $7.00 Canadian, we could ride as much as we wanted for 24 hours.  We rode from the campground to the boat dock to buy our tickets.
I didn't take my camera on board the Hornblower boat that took us up close to the falls.  I knew that it would get wet and was worried about ruining it so I used my phone to take pictures.
Then we were in Canada and had to watch our data usage so I didn't get them posted.  Then I forgot about them.  What can I say, I am getting on the old side.

We had a great time.  It was really beautiful and very wet.

The funniest thing happened on board though.  There was this group from Taiwan.  In this group was this young man.  He had his mini IPad and a back pack.  In the back pack he had music playing.  He danced around the boat taking a selfie video.  Dancing and pointing to the falls.  It was so funny.  Libbie and I watched him and by the time we headed back, we couldn't help it, we photo bombed him.  Libbie and I were dancing behind him, doing the same things he was doing.  It was hilarious!

We talked to him after we got off the boat.  It was his first trip to Canada and he was leaving that night.  We thanked him for letting us photo bomb him.
The picture above was taken from on top of the falls.  I have a couple from different angles.  If you fell in this water, you were going over.  It was very swift and surprisingly, not very deep.

After the boat ride, we got on a different bus route and did a little shopping and ate lunch.  There are several different routes all color coded.  We rode the red and blue route.  We started to ride them all but we wore out before we could.

It was a great day.  We had fun.  Too bad the guys didn't want to join us.