Friday, October 30, 2015

Hwy 59 is rough on tires!

We woke up to a beautiful day and were on the road by 9:30.  We were making such good time that we decided to see if we could make this trip in one day instead of our normal two.  The trip was uneventful until we got on 59 S just right outside of Houston.  In fact we were within 8 miles of the exact spot we blew a tire on the motorhome last year.  Or was it year before last.  Anyway.  Our tire monitor went off suddenly and I looked at it and it said we had 1 psi on the drivers front tire of our car.  This part of 59 is rough and they are working on it.  I think they must always be working on it but we had just passed through a pretty rough area with lots of construction.  I don't know if we ran over some debris or what happened but this tire is toast.

                                             Not a lot of room between him and the traffic.

Doug pulled over as quick as he could.  It wasn't a great place to be stopped and there wasn't a lot of room to change a tire, but Doug got busy and I stood watch.  I don't know what I was suppose to do other than yell, but I watched.

You have to look real close.  Can you see the jagged tear in the tire, just below the light ray.

It didn't take but around 25 min. and we were back on the road.  Of course that put us on Beltway 8 at 5:30.  Not a great place to be, but it wasn't as bad as I-10 at 6.  LOL  Our arrival time before the flat was suppose to be at 6:09.  We pulled into the campground at 7:00.

Mike and Kaitlyn brought Lucas to see us and we all went to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant.
This being a work night, they dropped us off afterwards and went home.  We needed the rest anyway.  It will be a busy day tomorrow.  I guess first on the list, a new tire!