Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day two exploring Nashville

Downtown Nashville is bar after bar after bar.  This one was 3 floors of noise.  Honky Tonk Central!  No, really that was it's name.  It's claim to fame was 3 floors of bars, bands and fun.  Just was a lot of noise to me.

They even had rolling bars.  You peddle and he gives you beer, well, you buy it.  Let's see, you pay the guy to pedal his bar cart around town and you buy the beer.  Someone is winning....LOL
                                             There were lots of those rolling/pedaling bars.
People everywhere and hard to find parking places.  They have shuttles from the campground.  We didn't take them.  We should have.  Parking was $7.00 hour, $21.00 for 6 hours or $30 for 12 hours.  They are tricky too.  One lot had two different pay pods.  If you parked in the yellow stripped, it was one and white stripped another.  Of course you don't know this until you go to the pods to pay.  The white (where we parked) were the prices listed above.  One row over, the yellow, your choices were, 1 hour for $7.00 or $30 for 6 hours.  You can make good money just letting people park on your empty lot.  LOL
 The AT&T building.  Mixed in with all these old buildings are new ones.  Love the architecture.
 We ate lunch here.  It was pretty good.  Not near as good as the BBQ outside of Bristol.
                                                             This is their huge smoker.
                          Of course, we have to have a picture of Elvis.  I was photo bombed!  LOL
Tootsies's is suppose to be famous.  I never heard of it.  But here she is!  
                            The walk of Fame.  Poor Vince Gill, his plaque is covered in bird poop.
                                           Of course, they put Garth and Trisha together.
One of the last ones put down was, Miranda Lambert.  I was very disappointed there wasn't one for my man George Strait.
                                            A couple of people picking and a grinning.
                                          Of course, a trip to the Hall of Fame and Museum.

Don't know if this was Doug's Elvis impersonation, or showing how he felt about going in to "see a bunch of dead people".  His words, not mine.  LOL

                                              Trisha Yearwoods wedding dress.  Ugly isn't it?
 Just some shots from inside.  You couldn't use flash, so they aren't good pictures.

                        Can you guess who's dress this belonged too?   Yep, Dolly Parton!


                                          The acoustics were wonderful in here!
                                                                     There is George!
                             We left the CM Hall of Fame and walked around a little more.
                                                      Lots of horse and carriage's too.

Another great day!